A List of WordPress Development Tools

When it comes to the development of a WordPress Plugin or Theme, It’s good to have some tools and resources to help you out throughout the development and then to test it if your plugin/theme meets the standard WordPress requirements. For example, for a theme, there are a few things that are required to be added to the theme and some are recommended to be added into it.

So here I’m going to share A List of WordPress Development Tools to help you speed up the development of your WordPress Plugins and/or Themes and then to test them.


1. GenerateWP

GenerateWP is the easiest and fastest way you can create custom and high quality code for your WordPress Prjects using the latest WordPress APIs.

Visit GenerateWP

2. Genesis XHTML to HTML5 CSS Converter

Genesis CSS Converter is a tool that takes your Child theme’s XTHML CSS and converts it to HTML5 CSS.

Visit Genesis CSS Converter

WordPress Plugins

1. Theme-Check

Theme Check is a plugin made by Simon Prosser and Samuel Wood ( Otto ) and it scans your theme and reposts if your theme is ready to be added to the WordPress.org theme directory or not. If it’s not then it shows a list the missing/recommended things that you should add or fix.

Download Theme-Check

2. Query Monitor

Query Monitor is a Debugging Plugin for any WordPress Developer. It has some unique features that has not been seen in other Debugging plugins, Like Automatic AJAX debugging and the ability to narrow down things by plugin or theme. There’s a full review about Query Monitor by Sarah Gooding over at wptaver.com

Download Query Monitor

3. Developer

Developer is a plugin made by Automattic and it aims to provide developers a set of tools for helping us develop better.

Download Developer

Browser Extensions

1. Genesis WP Hook

Genesis WP Hook is a Google Chrome extension that detects and show the Genesis FrameWork Hooks and filters in your theme, or on any WordPress site that uses Genesis. It automatically detects if the theme has HTML5 support or not.

Download Genesis WP Hook

2. FireBug

Firebug is the best Firefox plugin to check, Debug and edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript live on your webisite.

Download FireBug

Test Content

Testing your WordPress theme can be a pain to check everything on it, post types, galleries, etc… But luckily the creators of 8bit.io made a great set of data that you can just import into your WordPress Site and you have a post for each post type and everything.

Visit wptest.io

And if you’re developing a Genesis Child theme, there’s also a great set of data to test it made by StudioPress This can be found in each and every child theme. For example Sample Child Theme

Download Sample Child Theme

Responsive Testing

Now days, it’s a must for a website to be mobile responsive, so here are a few sites where you can test if your design is responsive and if yes how it looks on each device.

  1. Mobile Responsive Design Testing by StudioPress
  2. ResponsiveTest.net
  3. Screenfly by QuirkTools.com


Genesis Visual Guide

Genesis Visual Guide is a website that visualize each and every hook and filter in the Genesis Framework. Both Xhtml and HTML5.

Visit Genesis Visual Guide

If you’d like to add anything to this list, feel free to leave a comment down below. I’ll be updating the list as I find new and useful things that could help a developer develop.


Andor Nagy

Web & Graphic Designer, WordPress and Web Developer, Also love to create cool things with HTML, CSS, jQuery

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5 Responses

  1. Nice collection of tools you have collected here. GenerateWP is one of the best ones which I sometimes use. Thanks for taking the time to collect these tools.

  2. Frank says:

    See this plugin, helpful on development with WordPress:

  3. Thanks for sharing. Those are great tips.
    As far as Genesis is concerned see Sri at websitesetuppro(dot)com he has taken the time to dig deeper into the css.

  4. Zolezzi says:

    I enjoy the info on your web sites. Thanks for your time!

  1. July 18, 2014

    […] A List of WordPress Development Tools […]

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