Best WordPress Plugins to Gather User Feedback

Every blogger wants more comments. Whether you intrigue your readers with controversy, wit or wisdom, the comments are a proof of the interest you raised. The WordPress comments system is rather simple, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the opportunities it offers. In addition to the default comments mode, you have other options with […]

20+ Best Free CSS Generators For Designers

There are some nice and useful css generators around the web that I think every web designer should use. Why should you use css generators? It’s simple, they speed up your work flow, bu providing you written code that you just need to copy and paste into your project. And if you want to customize […]

Pure CSS Tooltips with HTML5 Data Attribute

The HTML5 data attribute can be used for a lot of things. For example as selectors in jQuery, setting values for a jQuery application and so on. In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at how can we use it to create awesome pure css tooltips. There are multiple ways you can create […]

Free Download: 200+ Windows 10 Icons

Today we have a great set of windows 10 icons from icons8 for you. This is the first set of icons for windows 10, a total of 200+ icons. Also, these icons are a lot better then the Segoe UI Symbol that were introduced by Microsoft. And here’s why:  Windows 10 Icon Font Is Broken, […]