About Us

How Web Designer Hut was born

Around 2013, I started a WordPress blog. At that time I was doing it only by hobby and used my own name as a domain, and I didn’t really post anything, but after a few months, I started posting tutorials of my experiments. Mostly HTML and CSS, but later on about WordPress as well.

A year after, I decided that it was time to take it to the next level.. so I purchased the webdesignerhut.com. I made quite a few redesigns to the site, for some reason I was never happy with how it looked.

Since then, I posted quite a few new tutorials and resources, I tried out different types of content, such as weekly news, showcase and what not.

And I can tell you that I will always keep experiment with new things. After all.. if you don’t try new things out, how can you tell if you like it or not?

If you have any questions, or want to know more about me, you can follow me on social media, drop a comment down below or send me an email on info[@]webdesignerhut.com!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webdesignerhut/
Twitter: @webdesignerhut