15 Terrific App with Exquisite Interfaces to Get Inspiration From

This is a guest contribution by Addison Cohen

To say that an interface design can either create or terminate the success of your application or website will be too mainstream. However, it has to be said that if your product is not boasting an impressive and appealing design, you can miss your potential business. For this reason, the UI designers are becoming more prominent these days.

There are several factors that count for a valuable UI design like, it must emphasize on the UX and interaction with a captivating design, while easy navigation and intuitive interface are also inevitable. Here, the bottom line is to design the interface in a way to help users accomplish a requisite task as conveniently as possible. This is certainly essential to ensure the success of an application.

The successful websites and applications may embrace different design strategies, but an effective and enticing UI design is what is common among all these products. To help you have an insight into an aesthetic UI design that can miraculously add to your conversion rate and sales, here are some of the apps featuring an exquisite interface; let’s decipher them to get inspired.

1. Radium

An attempt to keep the traditional Internet radio alive, radium is a fabulous application. Its UI is designed keeping the intuitiveness in mind. It comprises a list of resourceful functions like real time station search, capability to index over 10k stations and a lot more. The overall look and feel of the application is sure to encourage users to stay tuned for longer.

2. Grid

The simple grid-based UI of the application amazingly organizes even the chaotic info in a fabulous style. It orders various project components to make them appear uncluttered and personalized so that they can be read with ease. It implements certain gestures to develop a grid structure for any requisite task and then organizes it to make it fit the screen in an optimal fashion.

3. Matchbook

Although Matchbook is a simple application that is meant to serve a specific task of maintaining a track of your favorite restaurants. The unique and refreshing design of the app further adds to its USP and makes it a hit application in the market.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular application that offers a great way to rapidly flip through images, news, updates shared by your friends on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Its simple and intuitive interface makes its content highly legible, as it showcases the content in a magazine style layout that makes it easily readable and scanable.

5. Paper by FiftyThree

The innovative design of Paper iOS application is truly inspiring. The prime goal of the application is to offer a platform where users can enhance their creative skills and come up with some astonishing patterns. You can work with the app up to a great level of detail, as it has exclusively designed, touch-optimized interface. It comes with no buttons, but jam-packed with a list of pro tools further that add to its credibility.

6. Har•mo•ny

Harmony is an intriguing iOS gaming application. Its interface will add a splash of colors to the screen of your device, while making this puzzle game brain teasing and eye pleasing. It has thousand levels that keep users engaged and increase their scope of returning back to the application.

7. Weather HD

Weather HD offers an awesome way to explore the weather information. This iOS application showcases both current weather and weather forecast along with outstanding videos. The amazing graphic quality and well-designed UI elements enhance the complete visual appearance of the application.

8. Peek Calendar

Supporting subtle hues, Peek Calendar features a fantastic interface design that offers a creative way to schedule your various activities. Its UI is clean, completely focus on content, and creates a unified timeline view. The user friendly navigations, clutter-free interface and easily accessible icons make this app an award-winning application.

9. Kennedy

Considered by many as a beautiful design to tap, Kennedy is a brilliant diary application that is perfect to add context to your memories. It features an outstanding touch that creates a magnificent layer of context by integrating location, time, date and climate conditions to notes. Moreover, it also inserts the music track that you are listening while creating a note.

10. The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy

The elegant and sophisticated interface of The Photo Cookbook makes it an ideal application for efficiently learning cooking at home. You just need an expert cook besides you, who can teach you the appropriate guidelines for cooking tempting food. This application will make your learning a fun, as it allows you to add pictures alongside the notes to cook a suitable dish. Its intriguing UI and high resolution images support add to its appealing and impressive appearance, while dramatically improving its UX.

11. Figure

Figure represents an intrinsic interface which is designed in a neat and clutter-free fashion to make the UI appears intuitive. This app is a synthesiser and drum machine, specially designed for iOS users. With touch gesture support and easily accessible UI elements, it is easily navigable. Thus, you can conveniently develop a desired melody with this fabulous looking application.

12. Nota for iPad

Designed and developed to help musicians polish their skills even when they are on the go, Nota comes complete with a range of impeccable tools. It also has a reference library comprising more than 100 symbols. The interface of the app is designed keeping the musicians’ expectations in mind. Easy to tap piano keys, intuitive icons, seamless access to library, and wooden textured background overhauls the design in a prolific manner.

13. Things

Things features a pleasing interface that delivers a delightful UX while facilitating you to proficiently maintain your task manager. This brilliant OS X application boasts a neat and clean interface that makes the content legible and easily operable. It embraces an amazing blend of powerful functions and easy usability. This award winning application is extolled for its various resourceful features apart from its user friendly UI design. Moreover, the integrated cloud feature helps keep the data in sync among a range of devices.

14. iOS 7 UI Components

This interface design boasts the UI elements in a prolific way while making an optimal use of subtle color combinations. Its clear and easy navigation with bold icons and high quality graphics make the design more appealing and pleasing.

15. Authentic Weather

The app design available on the Behance page is designed by Tobias van Schneider. It features simple yet appealing line-drawing icons and showcases the message in a legible and attractive typeface. It supports simple gestures that further streamline the navigation.

Wrapping Up

That is it for now.

These are some of the well designed applications that create an impressive impact on viewers, which is perfect to encourage them to further interact with the design and commit a desired action with a flair. They embrace the essential aspects of an intuitive and bespoke interface design that can beautifully add to the success of any digital product, be it an application or a website.