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Feedback is a vital element in your work if you are a good developer. If it weren’t for other people, our peers writing correct and optimized code would be much harder than you can imagine.

However, the primary challenge with feedback is that you cannot get any feedback on your work until you find an effective way of sharing your code snippets.

Also, there is a different aspect of the whole idea, which is; getting feedback from other developers and also feedback from your clients. In most cases, especially if you’re a subcontractor on a given task, you and your direct client will need to go through at least a couple of iterations before the final code is approved.

As much as sending text files over email back and forth do its job, but it’s not the most convenient method you can use out there.

This is where sites like come in to play a very crucial role.

So now, I will take you through what Codepad has to offer and how using it can make your work easier and more efficient at the same time.

What is Codepad and how does it benefit you?

In simple terms, Codepad is a place for developers and programmers to save and then share their code snippets of any nature or length.

Also, it is a community of developers rather than a closed-down repository for your code. It implies that you can make your snippets public and get comments and likes on them. This step helps especially in cases when one is working on a new product/ piece of software.

The main important aspect of Codepad is that saving and then sharing your snippets takes around 10 seconds.

I confirmed this one since I do not always believe such things from hearsays. Therefore I had to taste it and interestingly, it’s true. In less than 10 seconds, you can go to the site, save it, and make it public, that is, if you don’t want to get into any of the additional settings for your code snippet.

Then, you can also share your work through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. And like I had mentioned earlier on, every code snippet has its comment section where other Codepad users can post a comment to let you know of their opinions.

(A crucial tip to note here is that you can make your snippets either private, public or partially private.)

How to use Codepad

Codepad has an excellent user interface that is very simplified and user-friendly. Using a standard process of signing up, you will have a small navigation header where you can view the people you are following. You can also see an option of exploring other developers on the site, suggestions based on your preferences and also you have an option where you can take action on your profile, mainly of adding new code snippets.

Codepad Playground

There is an upload button allows you to save your snippet quickly.

A single snippet has only two required fields: the title and the snippet itself.

Another way can be where you can select the language of your snippet. Every common programming language is available on the list.


If you wish to and have more time to spend than just 10 seconds, you can also add a description, and add your snippet to a collection.

Essentially, collections are your way of organizing your different code snippets. You can think of them as categories or folders on your computer. After some time, once you’re a frequent user of this site, it is advisable to create various collections to make your profile easier to browse through, both for you and other users exploring your profile.


One of more exciting features on Codepad, are revisions. Personally, this is my favorite. Each code snippet you submit has full version control. It just implies that you do not have to lose your code that you wrote previously. This is a great feature for all kinds of collaborative work, or when you start implementing some of the feedback you got from your peers and clients.


Codepad is not limited to storing your code snippets; it is also about growing and nurturing a developer. This site gives us a set of typical social network dynamics like the possibility to follow other users, like their code snippets, and even contact them. Moreover, everyone has their publicly visible profiles.

In conclusion, Codepad also wishes to see you grow and advance in your career as a direct impact of being on the site. If you term yourself as a freelancer or a company accepting clients, other users will be able to contact you with job offerings. And that is a success.

The final word on Codepad

Can I be honest with you? What is not captivating on everything you see here?

The site offers you a very simplified functionality; that’s a great thing that you have been looking for. It is reliable; it has a high-speed response and working with it is as easy and straightforward as it gets, it is user-friendly.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended for all developers who want to share their work with their peers for whatever purpose.