A Collection of CSS Puns and Jokes

As we mentioned in an article earlier, where we showcased css drawings, CSS is one of the very few languages that are fun. And by fun I mean, that you can make drawings with, can write puns and jokes with etc…

Most wed design and developer languages can be quite sober, but we can’t help that. PHP, JavaScript and HTML, not even a small smile from them.. but when it comes to CSS, things change… things can be hilarious.

If you’ve been around on Reddit and Designer News recently, then you’ve probably saw those brillion CSS puns and jokes.  And they just got better, since Saijo George has taken all of those css puns and visually recreated them into a stand alone website that you can easily browse through laughing!

Here’s a few of those:

You can find more epic and funny css puns and jokes here:

  • CSS Puns & CSS Jokes ~ Curated by Saijo George
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