Device Detection API and Free User-Agent Lookup

From the apilayer team, the brain behind amazing tool ipapi, another inspiring resource has been created called Userstack. It is a REST API which divulges vital information about any user visiting your website, displaying information such as device, browser etc. in a basic format.

There used to be times, long ago where multiple lines of code have to be written to support many web browsers, that was the stone age of the internet, and user agents with multiple lines of code were used to deliver information to users and still have your website intact.

Device Detection API and Free User-Agent Lookup

Userstack is one of such great resource that helps present data in a decent way without making your website a mess. The data gotten is used to give users a more rewarding experience.

The Transition From a mere Demonstrator to a Business API

Userstack API is not new; in fact, they have been in existence for over four years under the name UserAgent API. When the API started becoming famous among developers all over the world, apilayer knew they had to do an overhaul and modify it to suit the criteria of an enterprise API like 256-bit SSL encryption, 99.9% SLA and dedicated support.

As of today, Userstack is beyond a mere demonstrator to a scalable API, with enough strength to meet the most stringent demands. Even if you have a landing page with hundreds of requests going back and forth each day, you can trust in Userstack to help you handle the task efficiently. The big guns in the tech industry such as Apple, Intuit and even Accenture make use of the Userstack API in their tools and apps.

he Transition From a mere Demonstrator to a Business API

Some Examples of use cases of Userstack

One thing that many people fail to realize is that User Experience is the first step to ensuring your visitors are converted to users, and customers converted to subscribers. The concept of your product, the product, and how much conversions you have are important in succeeding. The lesser the complications between your visitors and getting your services, newsletters or product, the better your chances of getting substantial users.

Can be used in the downloads of Native Apps

Once you have made your app and are ready to launch into the market, you can put a download link on your website. Your content manager would be smart to integrate Userstack into your landing page to make sure the users are redirected appropriately according to the device they use. With Userstack, the android users get redirected to Play store, and the iPhone Users get redirected to App Store. This saves you the stress of having too many processes before users can actually download your app.

Tailored Content

We can all attest to the fast growth of the online stores over local retail stores. The big companies making waves in the online retail stores are Amazon, eBay and a few others; you can also make efforts to have your big break too. We know that having a reliable brand, amazing products, and a good marketing plan can help improve your business but sometimes you don’t need amazing products to make good sales, drop shipping has proven it to us. All you need is Userstack on your eCommerce store that will tailor products in line with the device a user visiting your store is using.

Prevent and stop the activities of bots and web crawlers

If you have bots and web crawlers troubling your website, stealing your unique content, you can use Userstack to detect, stop, prevent and block them, or leave them in honeypots. Make sure you open the way for legit web crawlers such as security and search engine crawlers to help you.

Testing the user stack functionality

To test the functionality of the API, all you need to do is to sign up for the free tier and generate your access key from your profile and hit the request button.

Testing the user stack functionality

The information you will get back is as follows:

  • User-Agent string
  • Entity information (information such as an app, crawler, email-client, feed-reader, offline-browser, browser, mobile browser)
  • The name and brand as well as related URL of the device in question
  • OS data such as code, family code, family, name, icon of the OS, and family vendor.
  • Specification of the device: it will display information about the device no matter the type (even if it’s a Smartphone, a pc, tablet, desktop, wearable, smart tv or even a console), and whether or not it is supported by the device vendor, the code, brand name, URL, and the exact name of the device.
  • Data about the browser: you get information about the browser, its version, the search engine used. For the clients who pay for the Userstack, you get more information, more data module, crawler module which will point out the bots and crawlers lurking on your website. Bots such as monitoring, security, search engine, scraper or screenshot bots.

Remember to keep an eye on your website’s uptime because it has a direct impact on your email.


The API is made to be user-friendly and intuitive. Beginners and experts can easily understand how to work their way around the configuration and use. The codes are easy to comprehend, and if you have any issue, there is a support to help you out. It should take you nothing more than 10 minutes to get it up and running. The endpoint of this API can work with many popular programming languages like Ruby, Node.js, Python, and PHP etc. 


Userstack API is GDPR compliant. This is a vital feature that freelancers and established firms can take advantage of. It doesn’t matter if you have a small scale project to handle, your users’ data integrity will not be compromised. It is cost-effective and can help in implementing your GDPR data flow which suits your requirements as well as ensuring that your customers or visitors data is safe. If you are a startup company, established company, or a freelancer, the API GDPR compliance will improve your data flow.


You can get the Userstack API in five different tiers with a free tier available. The only disadvantage of the free tier is that there is no support for HTTPS encryption, which is of importance on the internet today. You can get the encryption for $9.99 per month or at $7.99 per month if you do a one-year subscription. You also get 50,000 requests monthly with a crawler detection inclusive. The other tiers have increased requests per month with added functionality.

If you use more than your allocated tier, you won’t be charged except you continually exceed your limit by more than 20%. The pricing rates are suitable for any use case, all you need to do is set up the API, and it does its magic in the cloud and sends you useful report while you pay more attention to your products and services.


In today’s world, you don’t only need data, but you also need to arrange it for it to be useful to your business. Userstack will help you with the extraction, organization and use case of this data. As a developer, Userstack is meant to be on your list of top development apps because it is result oriented, perfect, compliant, and scalable and gives you security on your data. The line between success and failure is Userstack if you can understand the real-time support and useful data documentation you get.