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Initially, there were very few places where you could access resources, education, inspiration or insight. The only things we could access were books. And as you understand, it is normal for a book to get outdated very fast in any technology niche, and in this case in the presence of a web design environment.

For instance, things are so different in ten years’ time because tech field is dynamic in nature. Today, there are many great blogs and websites where you can comfortably access your daily needs of web design resources.

Web Design Newsletter

Now we are going to review on of such resourceful places or sites. It is about eWebDesign in particular, with 90,000 active subscribers! This site is one of the big players in the field of web design. It is always the best place to sought out for resources relating to web design and development

What is eWebDesign?

When you visit eWebDesign, you will first come across two broad categories of their products:

  1. The blog
  2. The newsletter

The primary purpose of the blog is very simple and straightforward – to an easier time and a great experience as a web designer.

Here’s what I am implying, in the recent past, they published the following resources:

  • A set of free HTML page transition effects
  • A freebie of 250 unique flat design icons and a giveaway of a massive resource pack of 14,000 icons
  • A series of free scripts for creating modern animated navigation
  • A compilation of free progress buttons, and many other valuable resources

One thing that all these posts have in common is that they are great resource packs that any wed developer can use right away.

The second part of the site – the newsletter for web designers

Most newsletters nowadays focus majorly on affiliate promotions thus wasting most of your precious time; eWebDesign has one major priority; delivering the valuable content before anything else.

The principal aim of the newsletter is to create a connection between you and the latest web design news and articles from industry experts and professionals. Therefore from one part of this newsletter, you can be able to access resources and tutorials that cannot be found elsewhere.

For a preview, you can check out the archive of previous newsletters at There are two types of messages that the support team sends out on a regular basis: exclusive newsletters and weekly newsletters.

The latter is a collection of articles and resources published the previous week. While the former contains packages of the top industry offers from eWebDesign’s partners, for example, the earlier mentioned promotions of a pack of 14,000 icons.

What makes eWebDesign unique?

Somebody would ask: How many design blogs are there?

Well, there exists a lot of blogs out there.

But out of that crowded, eWebDesign stands out to be the best of them all.

Two major factors that give eWebDesign on a competitive edge are;

  • They deliver the content as it is, making it even simpler to understand. From this site, you can be guaranteed of quality and useful web design resources and information updates regarding the same.
  • After signing up, you will feel like you are part of the entire web design community. When you sign up for the newsletter, you become a member of the larger community of over 90,000 active members who receive updates delivered directly to their mailbox.

We can, therefore, say that eWebDesign is the right place to be for any web designer who wants to stay on the edge of what trending. To sign up, just go to the eWebDesign homepage and jump on the train by subscribing to the newsletter.