Glyphter: The SVG Font Machine

Today I want to show you an other great tool called Glyphter the SVG Font Machine. Glyphter is a new Icon Font Creator tool, it uses a Drag n’ Drop system, that allows you to transform each character of the ABC into an icon. It uses SVG icons. When you’re creating your Icon Font, you can choose from more then 500 already uploaded icons, or you can upload your own icons to use in your font.

The best thing is that you can custom each icon, by adding shadows, rotating them, scaling, coloring, basically you have full control over all your icons.

Currently there are 16 icon sets supported by Glypther, such as Font Awesome, Meteocons, Elegant Themes Line Icons, Linecons, Eco ico and much much more.

On the screenshot above you can see the working area. On the right side, are the icons sets supported by the tool.

How to Use Glyphter

Creating Icon Fonts with Glypther is very easy. You Drag an icon from the set on the right, on top of the letter you want, then you click on the icon, and on the bottom right corner there’s a pencil icon, that opens up the edit panel, where you can edit your icon. Here’s a video demonstration of the editor panel.

And of course as mentioned above, you can also upload your own SVG Icons by simply clicking on the specific letter you want to add the icon to.

After you’re happy with your new Icon Font, you simply click the big download font button, enter your email address and it’ll be sent to you via email.

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I hope this Glyphter will help you create some awesome Icons Fonts. Also if you found it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers! And be sure to let us know what awesome icon fonts you’ve created with Glyphter, in the comments below!