Zenscrape Makes Website Scraping Easy

Web scraping or web data extraction is a technique in which a computer program extracts data from the human-readable output from websites. Web scraping software may access the Web directly by using Hypertext Transfer Protocol or through a web browser. Though scraping can be performed manually, it makes more sense to have an automated process.

If you are interested in taking on the job of web scraping and need to be sure that you select the best rotating proxy service for the job, you can easily do so. No need to spend hours on the computer, diving in and out of websites copying and pasting the data and wasting endless time to complete this task when a scraper code that does the work for you is readily available.

What is API

An application programming interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol between a client and a server intended to simplify the building of client-side software. Zenscrape is an excellent example of one. It simplifies programming by abstracting the underlying implementation and only exposing objects or actions you need.

Zenscrape Makes Website Scraping Easy

From my experience, Zenscrape is one of the best proxy services out there and will make web scraping possible.

What I love about Zenscrape

Fast and customized API support

Zenscrape offers extremely fast speed with customized API support. It has more than 25 million residential IP in the pool, which means you don’t have to worry about getting blocked from most sites. Its speedy services are surprisingly cheap and reliable. There are different plans and pricing to decide your access into the proxy pool based on your finances and estimated traffic usage.

They even offer a free option with 1.000 requests per month and is perfect for those with low traffic usage or new to API and web scraping. Zenscrape has proxies is most countries which makes them one of the biggest proxy providers.

Datacenter proxies

They offer datacenter proxies which are the most common proxies out there. When it comes to hiding your IP address, these proxies don’t have anything to do with your internet connection or internet service provider (ISP) as they are completely separate from both. This way, it is easy for you to hide your IP address without being linked to one particular place. Websites also use cookies to identify your IP address by placing them in your browser.

Of all the online trail you leave behind when on the internet, your IP address is the most valuable as it can pinpoint your specific geographical location. This allows search engine optimization in the sphere of localized results and websites can geo-block content based on where you are.


If you need online anonymity, or you want to unlock content from a different country, you can use Zenscrape datacenter proxies to help mask your IP address. The trouble is that websites are taking this into account and will often block datacenter proxies. If you are sick of being spotted while using this type of proxies, their residential proxies offer an effective solution to this issue.

What I love about Zenscrape

I noticed all proxies in the network are anonymous and their services work with advanced rotation. This ensures that you receive a live and tested proxy from the pool randomly or a random IP from a specific location. Zenscrape is by far the easiest proxy networks to handle and it eliminates most of the work involved in proxy maintenance. Its service is extremely good if you want to scrape data. The most wonderful aspect of their IP addresses is that they include residential IPs and therefore hard to block or detect.

Residential proxy

Zenscrape offers a rotating residential proxy service that ceaselessly rotates and update the IP you are using to mask yours. It is a more effective way to improve your online privacy, security and safety. They do not compromise on secure communications and transactions because they support HTTP protocols. Unlike free proxy services which are usually glitchy, Zenscrape offers residential proxies with an unlimited number of connections, threads and countries at the same time. Even though it comes at a price, there will be an option that suits your requirements and your budget.

Fair pricing

I love Zenscrape because it really succeeds at predicting user requirements. It offers standard and premium proxies which means you can pick something that makes more sense to your projects. Standard proxies are suitable for business websites that do not need exact geotargeting and will not hinder web scraping. They are speedy yet affordable. On the other hand, premium proxies are immune to websites that hinder web scraping by using captchas or varying content by location.

The service functions by giving you a single address to use. It is the endpoint that allows you to access any pool on the network. You can acquire endpoints easily from the user dashboard, so it is extremely easy to manage. Since your endpoint determines what pool you go to and which session you use, you can just input domain:port to use a proxy and you receive just the proxy you need. Zenscrape works on every kind of software and is superior to proxy lists due to the fact that advanced rotation algorithms check proxies before allowing users to use them, so at any time on the network, there are very few dead proxies.

Javascript rendering and easy readability

When you use Zenscrape you get exactly what users see. All API requests are carried out in modern headless chrome browsers. These display websites in the exact format as ordinary browsers would do it. You can focus on code-parsing while they take care of data aggregation. Another amazing feature is their JavaScript rendering. JavaScript often has a big role to play on what the users see on a website.

Customer friendly

Zenscrape is the only API service you need. It is designed specifically for sneakers and limited release products. It takes a few minutes to integrate and a couple of clicks to use. Throughout my weeks of use I was never detected or blocked and I had total freedom and anonymity to scrape the internet.

I also really enjoyed the tailored service of their customer success managers. They were present to support me at every hour, every day, throughout those weeks. Their customer support service is quite personal, reliable and fast.

Perfect for online marketing

Finally, Internet marketing has made considerable advancements in recent years, as the internet keeps on influencing the lives of people globally advertisers are spending lots of money on digital marketing. This billion-dollar industry is fully automated with many Ad servers running online ads from publishers. There is however a large-scale problem associated with this automated method of internet marketing fraud.

To ensure you or your client’s Ads are running next to content which is brand safe, you can use Zenscrape’s Ad verification through the purchase of residential IPs. If you are running an affiliate marketing company, Zenscrape will help you see your marketing results in other countries. You can also see how other publishers are performing anonymously.

Whether you need a proxy for ad verification, sales intelligence or social listening, they’ve got you covered with their extensive array of solutions.