Explore the Most Remarkable Benefits of using HTML5

This is a guest contribution by Maggie Sawyer.

HTML5 is the most recent version of the hyper-text markup language used to develop all types of websites. The latest version of HTML comes with many of the same features that are offered by the previous versions, but still there are few new and exciting features that will make the job of a web developer and designer easy and smooth.

Fortunately, HTML5 comes with many new linguistic features, such as <audio>, <video>, and <canvas> components, along with the integration of SVG content. With the inclusion of these elements, it will become extremely easy for web designers to integrate multimedia and graphical content to the website without the use of flash or third party plugins.

Besides this, HTML5 is also offering some other elements, such as <articles>, <section>, <nag>, and <header> that will boost the semantic aspect of the document. In fact, we bring you this blog that will include all the other major advantages of using HTML5.

In this blog post, we will explore the 10 most remarkable benefits of using HTML5.

1. Enriched Semantics

HTML5 offers web developers the new, well-managed way to organize different elements and other content. With the use of new tags such as <footer>, <header>, and <section>, web pages can be organized more appropriately. By using HTML5 elements, you can boost the semantic value of your web page because the codes are very consistent and standardized.

2. Support Audio and Video content

With the previous versions of HTML, web developers were enforced to utilize third party plugins or programs, like Adobe Flash Player to play audio and video content. It was a scrambled way of embedding audios and videos playback. But with the introduction of HTML5, the problem of playing videos and audios into the website becomes easy as it support for audio and video content.

Now you can embed videos, audios, charts and animations into the site without using any third party programs or plugins.

3. Cleaner code/ cleaner markup

HTML5 will allow web designers to utilize cleaner codes. It is designed to provide cleaner code that not only makes the life of webmaster easier, but also increases your website’s visibility on the popular search engine pages. And, when search engines are able to understand your site’s content, it will automatically increase its ranking quickly and efficiently.

4. Beautiful forms

HTML5 allows the webmaster to use more stylish and elegant forms. In fact, it makes form validation native to HTML, improves the user interface and minimizes the requirement of JavaScript.

There will be multiple types of text inputs and also offers different fields for multiple purposes.

5. More Accessibility

HTML5 helps you in creating accessible websites. The new HTML headings such as <header>, <nav>, <footer>, etc enable screen readers to access the content with ease. With the help of new semantic tags, screen readers can easily determine the HTML document and generate a great experience for readers.

6. Mobile-friendly

The use of mobile technology is rapidly growing these days. There is no doubt that mobile devices are taking over the world. Mobile users are frequently increasing and this means that a large number of users will be utilizing their mobile browsers to access your website or application in the near future

HTML5 is a mobile- friendly tool for creating and developing mobile-oriented websites and apps. You can easily develop responsive websites by using HTML5 tool because it offers full functionality to all types of devices. In fact, the mobile visitors can browse the site quickly and efficiently, without the requirement of horizontal scrolling.

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7. It offers Offline Caching

HTML5 is an advanced development tool because it offers offline caching that enables the visitors to load several elements on a webpage, without streaming internet connection.

In other words, a visitor can load all the elements of the website if its internet connection happens to collapse. HTML5 allows the web developers to define which files browser of the visitor saves.

8. Develop Game related applications

With the use of HTML5’s <canvas> tag, you can develop exciting games. It offers an excellent and mobile-oriented way to develop high-quality games.

9. Cross-browser support

One of the great advantages of using HTML5 is that it is cross-compatible with all the modern and popular browsers such as chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer9, Opera, and Safari. In fact, the HTML5 doctype was developed so that all browsers (even the old one) can use it easily. However, it doesn’t mean that all the old browsers will support new elements of HTML5, but still they will be able to use the doctye at the very least.

10. Client-side database

The great benefit of using HTML5 is that it offers a new and smart local storage feature. However, there is a little comparison between the regular old cookies and a client-side database. But, client-side database is far better than cookies because it enables for storage across different windows. In fact, it offers great security and performance and data will endure even after closing the browser.


HTML5 is a great tool for developing all types of websites and web applications. In this blog post, we have explored the top 10 benefits of using HTML5. With the use of this advanced technology, web designers and developers can make their site and app responsive; add audio and video playbacks, without the use of Flash Player. So, what are you waiting for? Use the HTML5 development tool along with its rich features.