50+ Free Flat UI Kits to Speed Up Your Workflow

Now days in web design, we are trying to make sites more simple. There are less and less sites that are over-designed and more that are focused on a simple design that let’s the content of the website shine and not the design. In the web design world this is called “Flat Design” which means there are less decorative elements like gradients, shiny images and shadows, instead there are flat colors.

The sudden rush to this type of design makes flad design feel like fad. Every designer is trying to adopt it, everyone’s talking about ti and doing it. Whether this stay or we’ll have something new remains to be seen. Whenever will it happen, but right now flat design it is. So I collected a boat load of free flat user interfaces kits that come in PSD format.

All the kits below are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes, also giving credit to the original create or the kit is always appreciated.

1. Flat UI Kit by Ben Moss


2. Featherweight UI


3. Freebie PSD: Flat / UI Kit by Sebastiaan Scheer


4. Free flat UI kit by Emanuel Serbanoiu


5. SmoothBerry – Free UI Kit


6. Vertical Infinity


7. Square UI Free by Designmodo

8. Modern Touch UI Kit




10. Free Flat UI Kit


11. Flat Design UI Components


12. Responsive Ui Kit(PSD)


13. Square UI


14. Flat UI Kit


15. Polaris UI


16. Blue Milk Free PSD UI Kit


17. Bootflat


18. Flat UI Buttons


19. Flat UI by Designmodo


20. Eerste Flat User Interface Kit by Design Your Way


21. Free Flat Minimalistic PSD UI Kit


22. Flat UI Kit


23. Scrtpxls Flat UI kit


24. Flat UI Kit


25. Flatastic Mobile UI Kit


26. Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone


27. Eerste UI Kit


28. Flat Ui Kit by Zachary VanDeHey


29. Flat UI Kit


30. Online Store UI Kit


31. Minimal UI Kit


32. Flat UI Kit


33. Iceberg UI Kit


34. Light UI/UX Kit [PSD]


35. Free UI Kit PSD


36. Free Green Flat UI Kit


37. Zan UI Free UI Kit


38. Flat Rounded Square UI Kit


39. Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)


40. Flat UI Interface Kit


41. Awesome UI Kit for Mobile


42. Superminimal V2 : Freebie UI Kit

43. Ui Freebie


44. Free Mobile UI Kit 


45.  PSD: Minimal UI Kit


46. Free UI Kit [PSD]


47. UI Kit


48. Flat ui kit – Free PSD


49. Free UI Set 2 PSD

50. Combination UI Pack


51. Free UI Set PSD

I hope you like this small collection of Free flat UI kits. I’ll keep this list updated with new items, so don’t forget to check back from time to time you might find something that you like. And if you know or have something that is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly add it to the list!