Coolors – A Cool Color Schemes Generator for Cool Designers

Every designer has their favorite tools to generates matching colors and color schemes. And there are a wide variety of color palettes and color scheme generators.

I recently found out about this new tool called Coolors. Coolors is a super fast color scheme generator, that is powered by the popular color scheme website, and is created and developed by

Coolors Tutorial The super fast color palettes generator

As I mentioned above, Coolers is a super fast and easy to use color scheme generator. You generate colors by pressing the space bar. When pressed, it generates you a color scheme of 5 colors. You can lock the colors you like by simply clicking on the column with the specific color. You can also change the color by editing the color hax ID.

When you generate a new color scheme, the URL changes, accordingly to the colors you’ve chosen or generated, allowing you to share your color schemes with your fellow designers!

A new feature that has been added recently, allows you to register to the website and save your schemes in a private account, which you display again later and use the colors of the saved scheme.

Before I was using other color generators, that have complicated sliders, and you can never get the right color you’re looking for. But after I found out about Coolors, it has become one of my favorite tool when it comes to colors and color schemes.

What do you think about Coolors? is it better then the other color scheme generators? What other features would you add to it? Let me know in the comments down below!