How SERP APIs Are Changing The Game For SEO Mavens

There is an adage that the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. Now the SEO community can add a third leg to that observation: that Google will always keep tweaking its algorithm.

Search engines like Google are continuously striving to enhance their search results. One of the ways they deliver on this vision is by introducing code into their algorithms that detects whether your search is carried out by a real person or by a piece of automated software script.

Why Adopt A SERP API?

Increasingly, businesses are looking to employ scraping to: 

  1. Expand Market Share: Adopting an API enables a business to explore new and more cost-effective ways to expand their market share and enhance sales performance
  2. Explore Emerging Market Trends: Business is increasingly incorporating web scraping into its go-to-market strategies
  3. Access To Refreshed Data: Web scraping data from other websites provides businesses with access to fresh trends and strategies enabling it to keep its finger on their market’s pulse

Web scraping is designed to collect data for strategic and tactical use across a range of industries. Attempting to achieve this by creating a small DIY parser is unlikely to succeed due to scalability, infrastructure and speed constraints.

Introducing the Zenserp API

Search engines like Google have a complicated backend based around an algorithm that continuously evolves. Scraping search results is all too often a time and resource-intensive process that forces SEO teams to continually manage proxy networks, confront captcha solvers and parse the results of that process.

The result, a potential black hole for time and SEO resources. An API deals with these issues for you to make SERP scraping far simpler, streamlined and efficient.

With a Zenserp API, SEO teams can now reliably retrieve up to TOP 100 search results pages while simultaneously discovering additional content elements on the result page such as rich snippets, places, Ads and a host of other content.

Your Zenserp API simplifies your SEO data collection process delivering better results, faster. You also have the added advantage of being able to request additional data and receive it speedily without having to devote huge chunks of time to actively managing the API tool’s interface.

The Zenserp API achieves this by employing deep learning algorithms at the heart of its API architecture to adapt to SERP markup changes.

Superior Solutions Are Yours Through A Zenserp API

The Zenserp API is designed to take the hassle out of your SEO research, by employing a far more user-friendly and flexible API tool compared to other tools on the market.

Some of the ways Zenserp’s API makes your SEO day better is by maximizing these three critical functions:

1. Curating Vibrant Content

Attracting and engaging with your target audience in today’s highly competitive environment demands good content creation coupled with an awareness of fast trending topics.

Continuously tracking the performance of your content places you as a content publisher in a sound position to attract high-performance traffic to your website combined with significantly enhanced engagement levels.

Zenserp’s API comes with five key resources to assist you with SEO rich content curation:

  1. Trending API function keeps you informed about the articles trending daily
  2. An efficient top influencer API helping you identify the most prominent influencers on a specified topic
  3. Link shared API pointing you to new dynamic relationships shaped by an individual influencer
  4. Most shared API feature, which displays the shared counts of a single URL while tracking essential content around a specific domain name or keyword
  5. Article sharers API assists you to identify those people who shared an article on their Twitter feed within the first 72 hours of its publication

2. Backlink Checking

All effective SEO campaigns rely on backlink analysis to assist you in illuminating content weak points, such as link profiles while helping you identify opportunities to build new links. Zenserp’s API streamlines this process and places it at your fingertips.

3. Researching Keywords

One of the first tasks on any SEO maven’s ‘To Do’ list is effective keyword research. Being able to precisely target your content plays a major role in determining the efficiency of your content and in attracting your target audience.

Zenserp’s API provides your SEO function with a quality toolkit that helps you to save time you’d otherwise have to devote to analyzing each keyword and every competitor individually. Zenserp’s API makes URL analysis, keyword research and domain analysis a breeze.

Advantages Of Zenserp’s API

Not all SERP APIs are made equal! To fully take advantage of a rich APIs functionality, you need to select an API with the infrastructure to unlock high performance.

Zenserp’s API is a Google SERP API that enables you to scrape search engine result pages fast and effectively with ease.

Powered by an intelligent parser that brings to the table a spectrum of SERP elements while displaying them in an easy-to-use JSON-format. This API tool offers you many of the parameters that emulate human search behaviour, as well as assisting you in scraping search engine results in real-time. How good is that!

The Zenserp’s API unlocks the door to a treasure trove of benefits including:

  • High-speed performance: Its supporting robust infrastructure provides the power to return accurate results in real-time
  • Location-based algorithm enables you to obtain geolocated search engine results
  • Ample backend power delivers the performance to cope with high request volumes
  • Save money as well as time thanks to a superior price-value equation, which withstands comparisons with other SERP API service providers
  • Also comes with a free 50 requests per month plan
  • High degree of accuracy and scalability mimics human search behaviour patterns

APIs have proven to be incredibly useful when dealing with large volumes of data while still delivering results quickly and easily in an easy to use environment.


  • Zenserp supports an extensive range of SERP types (organic, paid, news)
  • Strong infrastructure which doesn’t impose a QPS limit
  • Makes SERP scraping scalable and affordable
  • Zenserp does not log queries sourced from customers
  • Offer a bulk endpoint creating even faster scraping
  • Free plan


Another seductive tool to manage and explore!

Final Observation

Search engines such as Google’s constantly evolving algorithm can make SEO complicated and time-consuming. Zenserp’s API employs deep learning algorithms to adapt to continual SERP markup changes.

With Zenserp’s API, you can say ‘Goodbye’ to the frustration of dealing with captcha-solving and proxy networks while saying ‘Hi’ to a bright new SEO landscape. Once you’ve tried Zenserp’s API, you’ll find it will be tough to ever to imagine going back to manual content curation, keyword search and backlink checking